Turn your computer on. The modem has established a fax connection. If you are connecting to a V. Make sure the modem is turned on and that the power supply is connected between the modem and the electrical outlet. Sign up now Username Password Remember Me. Counts and stores the number of rings from an incoming call.

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You will then have the option to accept the call or to ignore it. Messages retrieved from Independent mofem will be stored with Caller Identification within the software mailbox. Select Search for a suitable driver for my device. Select the bit s you want on and set S13 to the total of the values in the Value column For example: OFF indicates that independent mode is not activated and the modem will not answer any call when the PC is off.

U.s.rohotics n Dials the specified phone number, includes the following: The entire standard covers many more functions than are used in most data communications applications.

If you do drop your 56o, fear not! Make sure that you are using the power supply that came with your modem; other similar-looking power supplies may be of different voltages and could damage your modem. Repeats the current voice message.

This equipment is supplied with a suitable PSTN connector for the country in which it was supplied. The shortened form of binary digit is bit.


Your modem will be automatically installed.

You might have a bad phone cord connected to your modem, or your phone cord may be plugged into the wrong jack. If you would like to see if there are any updates to your modem’s code, go to: Double-click the description of your new modem or Standard Modem if there is no specific description, then click the Driver tab. Thousands of bits per second are expressed as kilobits per second or kbps.

3Com U.S. Robotics Sportster x2/V 56K External Modem (Retail Version)

Compare it with characters per second. It defines the signals and voltages used when data is exchanged between a computer and a modem or serial printer.

There are some names in the computing industry that are synonymous with quality, among them Intel, Micron, Quantum and, of course, U. Ymodem G This is similar to the Ymodem, except it relies on the modem for error checking, which makes it faster. USRobotics warrants the media containing software against failure during the warranty period. If you do not see a description of your modem, see the Note at the end of this section.

Responsibility for loss or damage does not transfer to USRobotics until the returned item is received by U. Although not technically accurate, baud rate is commonly used to mean bit rate.

To ensure successful message deletion and modem operation, wait until beeping has ceased before hanging up. If it is, check the outlet with another electric device like a lamp to be sure that you are getting power.


3Com U.S. Robotics Sportster x2/V.90 56K External Modem (Retail Version)

Sets the duration, in hundredths of a second, that DTR must be dropped so that the modem 3cim not interpret a random glitch as a DTR loss Most users will want to use the default This register is useful for setting compatibility with older systems running under older operating software.

Reset non-MNP transmit buffer from 1. These signals are in contrast with analogue signals.

After you add or enable the port, follow the instructions in this Guide for your operating system. Make sure that the correct COM port modem is selected. Bit-mapped register setup To set the register, see instructions for S13 Bit.

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When your modem is detected, click Change. See the “Screen Messages” table at the end of this section for an explanation of u.s.robofics that appear in response to this command. When set to 0, Auto Answer is disabled.