Stop rambling guys and be clear and concise. You’re a champ to share your experience with me. Even if it is, particularly if the disc is initialized as MBR, Acronis should have no problem. This email is sheer rambling. I wonder if it works anyway???? This review is inspired by the discussion initiated by user Dave in comments to the negative review of Acronis True Image by Tech Guy. You can probably do better using bootable CD and having in computer just your target drive.

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As Norton Ghost problems demonstrated a good recovery CD is difficult to implement.

BSOD points to Acronis as the culprit | Acronis Forum

No pun intended, but your configuration is pretty “Basic”. This occurs naturally with regular backups. When I power up the computer, it says “no boot device found”. It’s smart to keep multiple versions of a file in case you have to go back in time to retrieve an older copy.

Somehow, the program seeimingly couldn’t pick up where it left off before rebooting. Bypassing the hardware abstraction layer in current versions of the Windows operating system with their own drivers is anything but a trivial undertaking.

Acronis “bit-by-bit” mode is bit-by-bit only by name. My first reaction was to throw this garbage program and here I mean Acronis where it xcronis. Even with vklume experience, find this realm of hardware-software confusing and frustrating. Another problem with Acronis is that it acronus very bad in calculating backup times and simply horrible in calculating restore time.


In addition, USB 3. There is no need for it and generally this is hit that can overwrite your disk C. If you have basic disks, we’ll continue investigation. ATIDisk Director If this is success I do not know what is failure. As for your try and decide working on Vista 32 bit, I would suspect that you might want to analyze the hard drive to determine if it is Basic or Dynamic, and does the disk layout use MBR or GPT Having such drive is much preferable to bootable CD approach that True Image has.

In fact the version is not working under the Windows 8 pro 64 bit environment too.

Acronis True Image: Troubleshooting Try&Decide Issues | Knowledge Base

I would prefer doing it that way, creating a partition rather than merging the unallocated space onto another filer and messing up the UEFI loader or the recovery partition If you continue to experience issues, I would appreciate if you can contact me with the following reports:. In the past I have made drive images of OEM hard drives which have a second FAT32 partition for the recovery program to revert to factory install, and have had no problem. Then when I tried to configure a Restore Point to track versions of my files I got two esoteric error messages.

Actually what Acronis does in this case is performing cold backup anyway note that it reboots the OS in a process substituting “native” Windows for its bootstrap OSbut mechanism is too complex and sometimes fails. When Symantec came to sense in and tried to reacquire lost and extremely valuable franchise aacronis Ghost 14 and Ghost 15 it was too late.


I confirmed the “touchy restoration problem” of Acronis True Image by trying to restore images I’d been making of a second computer. Some distinctions are necessary when talking about services. After these steps I am certain that you will be able to use Acronis True Image Home without any interruptions. In case of new BSODs, I would really appreciate if you could send me a private message with volhme reports:.

46475: Acronis True Image: Troubleshooting Try&Decide Issues

Run the uninstall from the add and remove. But here situation is hopeless: It is just simpler environment and due to this chances for success are higher.

Acronis does a job good if we understand how to do it right. Another advantage is that in this case after the first copy you can just rsync the backup partition with the primary partition which is much faster and safer that pushing hundreds of gigabytes via eSata or USB3 channel.


But, in so far as the issue of this thread is concerned– it might be useful to know for sure that mine is not dynamic. Looking forward to your reply and if you acronsi additional questions please let me know.