For example, diva uses multiple cores or has an option to.. Again, I hate to be a “contractcooker” on your asses but get your act together: Or how about proper strain relief for their cables? Enthusiast or not, at a certain point you stop wanting to do all the work building and maintaining and troubleshooting the hardware and OS, and you just want to get some work done. There’s a whole bunch more to be addressed, here, but this is just really off base and mis-informative. These drivers also show up when nothing is connected, the SL3 driver has never shown up.

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That should asio core audio it: But for the most part Mac is the industry standard if you plan to work at that level, and it just works out of the box without having to fiddle around as much as PC.

If others are having similar issues please post in the 2. For example, diva uses multiple cores or has an option to. I use both, prefer Mac because reliability, simple to use, don’t need to asio core audio shoot them just plug and play. I’m glad I followed this topic!

For those that do, there are plenty of options. I keep all of my karaoke in nice tight little.

Is there a way to use asio core audio as an external input with these drivers? Windows 10 is rock solid from what I’ve heard. If you open your device manager do you see any yellow exclamation points asio core audio question marks next to any Scratch Live related drivers? DJ Dub Cowboy 6: I’ve never had xore BSOD on my windows machine either, but I’ve had loads of driver and software instability.


Viruses can also be an issue on Windows computers, but viruses are self inflicted wounds. They just aren’t available to the public yet.

MAC ( Core audio ) drivers, versus PC ( ASIO ) audio drivers !!

This is one of the main reasons to stick with Mac based systems. Thank you Serato Development Team! I am sure we’d all asio core audio love to hear from others on if their comp works properly or not as is now, on buffers under asio core audio Thanks for the help. You should be absolutely fine with Windows, I’m sure millions of users are using windows.

As native processing has become so powerful, a lot of issues can be covered up with brute force processing through things that would have hung up older systems completely.

Drivers ASIO/Core Audio drivers |

This was one of the reasons I went with Serato, to have no word and nothing at all released this audip down the track pisses me off. I have a giant stick up my ass. Asio core audio I’m way off base, but it’s not worth it for me to buy a new computer and new software just to test that possibility.

I’ll be doing some more thorough performance tests through the weekend, to decide whether i will permanently move to windows for PT, since it’s definitely my DAW of choice asio core audio regardless of this issue. You can bench some Focusrites and see this with ease. Hi, I promise this will take not more than 5 minutes of your time at the asio core audio most, literally.


If you on PT12 and using Asio/Core audio, could u pls do a tiny performance test? – Gearslutz

But things were different when this stuff was being developed. But that’s just asio core audio experience. At the audio control asio core audio from windows there is also only my onborad sound card in the list. The off the peg drivers a lot of the budget firms use suck absolute ass under ASIO for sure, but then the’s an arguement there that asio core audio money you saved on the PC more than covers buying a better interface with the improved signal path etc I’ll update if any significant findings going forward.

Holy shit having good, low jitter converters can make a night and day difference. Today’s Posts support us FAQ advertise our advertisers. Similarly, office pics are generally considered low-effort fluff, image posts should have some point other than karma and promote discussion Check out our Discord server! When we came back to the drum recording we left 2 week before I discovered I asio core audio record anything at 32 buffer without error same thing at 64 buffer and all was fine at without errors and cpu spikes.

I installed the bit version.