The early model Eee PCs use a solid-state drive for storage instead of a hard drive , which consumes less power when in use, allows the device to boot faster, generates no noise, and is less susceptible to mechanical shock damage than hard drives. CNet Asus Eee PC Netbooks have diversified into a sometimes numbing range of options, but when they’re boiled down, most of them have nearly the same components. There’s no real improvement in performance over previous generations, though the battery life is better. DDR2 onboard [ citation needed ]. Asus Eee PC series models ha, hab, ha, and others use Varta ML or equivalent Maxell , Sanyo and Panasonic ML lithium ion coin cell rechargeable batteries, terminated with a two-pin Molex connector plug. Asus now offers AMD hardware in the well-known chassis.

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Archived from the original on 7 January Single Review, online available, Short, Date: Saeshell to photographic variables and conditions, actual product appearance may differ from images shown asus eee pc seashell series video this site. Although we endeavor to present the most accurate and comprehensive information at the time of publication, we reserve the right to make changes without prior notice.

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Excellent multimedia enjoyment with large HD widescreen Eee PC™ 1215N

The keyboard is a bit cramped, and you don’t get smooth p video playback at least online. But netbooks like these are going to have to become considerably more lithe if they’re not to be quickly out-evolved by tablets.


Products may not be available in all markets. PCB color and bundled software versions are subject to change without notice.

Unless otherwise stated, all performance claims are based on theoretical performance. This is great if you just want seriez surf the web, chat on IM, or check email.

Three chips need heatsinking, and this is achieved by heat-conductive adhesive pads which sit between the eeee heatsink flats and the keyboard shield and connect them thermally. Unless otherwise stated, all performance claims are based on asus eee pc seashell series video performance. It is a handy unit for those who are constantly on the move.

Stylish outlook with All Day Computing

More importantly the dual-core Atom N doesn’t offer any significant performance bump compared to the older single-core Atom N processor. In viveo EE talk, [32] [33] an Asus engineer mentioned that the Eee PC uses the keyboard shielding as a heat sink to absorb the heat generated by asus eee pc seashell series video processor. While the PN has a smaller footprint and slightly fideo battery life, its processor just isn’t as powerful and having to reboot every time you want to switch between graphics cards is a serious inconvenience.

Asus eee pc seashell series video World This stylish netbook has great battery life, but it doesn’t handle high-definition video well. While the PW won’t revolutionise netbooks in general or the Eee PC range, at least it won’t disgrace itself either. If you want USB 3. In Australia and Italythe situation was reversed: Archived from the original on 22 March The B has USB 3.


Eee PC N Driver & Tools | Laptops | ASUS Global

Retrieved 19 November Single Review, online available, Asus eee pc seashell series video Short, Rating: Retrieved 27 September The has a rated battery life of 4. It is also a part of the best 10 inch netbooks list here on the site, where you can check out the other top picks available at the moment.

Check with your local ASUS website for more details.

It is important to ensure that the heatsink pads are replaced correctly after maintenance such as cleaning or replacing the fan. Unfortunately with great power comes great less than stellar battery life.

Product specifications may differ from country to country.

We like the nifty features that ASUS has put into this product but a slightly updated design would be good to see.

The overall benchmark score of 0. We recommend that you check with your local dealers for the specifications of the products available in your country.