Making use of a great deal of independent processing units makes sense as well. The AGEIA triangle explanation is valid, not sure on this board though or if the technology has passed this, remember sli splits the screen to share load. Graphics has become sets of highly independent mathematically intense problems. Log in Don’t have an account? Samsung Releases New Flash Laptop.

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There are also lots of restrictions on the way data moves around in a GPU. GRAW – Page 2 9.

NVIDIA PhysX System Software

GRAW – Page 4 As a result, physics in games has been limited to a few objects in a scene, one-off “effects” or visual trickery that just mimics real physics. Physics, as we noted in last years article, generally presents itself in sets of highly dependant small problems. They brought their skills and knowledge from around the world – from America, Germany, Egypt, India and America – and named their company based on their countries of origin: Until now, only limited software physics has been integrated in games.

It’s not that GPUs can’t be used to solve these problems where the input to one pixel is the output of another performing multiple passes and making use of render-to-texture functionality is one obvious solution ; it’s just that much of the power of a GPU is mostly wasted when attempting to solve this type of problem. This won’t create a revolution, but it will get game developers to look harder at physics in the future, and that is a good thing.

You may use these tags: Post Your Comment Please log in or sign up to comment. AGEIA PhysX allows developers to use active physics-based environments for a truly realistic entertainment experience. No doubt you can use an older NVidia card for dedicated PhysX and see some gains on some game titles – if you already have a spare – but it’s not worth buying one when you can instead drop in another GPU.


Galaxy S10, 5G, Folding Phones. Ark ham city scarecrow nightmare is prime example of the difference. The main selling points of physics on the GPU is that everyone who plays games and aeus want a physics card already has a graphics card. Samsung’s Next Smartphone foray: We have yet to see Havok FX or a competing solution in action, so we can’t go into any detail on what to expect.

ASUS PhysX P1 Card

Ageia has a long list of “future”games that will support a PhysX card. Even without knowing all the ins and outs, it is quite obvious that this phyxx will be a force to be reckoned with in the physics saus.

In single GPU cases, there could still be a benefit, but the more graphically intensive a scene, the less room there is for the GPU to worry about anything else. A little less obviously, PhysX hardware accelerated games will also benefit from a graphics standpoint. Let’s take a look a the ASUS card and then take a look at the numbers.

I did like the reason behind the Triangle but if its a sales ploy at the time my apology’s. Blood Sport Patch CellFactor: It’s not just how things look, but how they ageis. Results 1 to 5 of 5. Its first consumer product, called AGEIA PhysX, is the world’s first dedicated physics engine and physics processor to bridge the gap between static virtual worlds and responsive unscripted physical reality.


ASUS’s AGEIA PhysX P1 Card – Legit ReviewsTaking The ASUS PhysX P1 Card For a Test Drive

We would really like to get a better idea of how much actual “work” this part can handle, but for now we’ll have to settle for this ambiguous number and some real world performance. Samsung Releases New Flash Laptop.

Very unsure with the Extreme board as filling all the PCI slots slow it down. This is a hard thing for us to test for explicitly, but it is easy to understand why it will be agwia problem when we have developers already complaining about the overhead issue. Infive innovative technologists and entrepreneurs shared the vision of a uniquely diverse company teaming together, to add new levels of realism to computer simulated physics processes. There are ways to deal with this when tackling physics, but making highly efficient use of nearly 6 times the internal bandwidth for the task at hand is gaeia huge plus.

AGEIA, being the first and only consumer-oriented physics processor designer right now, has not given us as much in-depth technical detail as other hardware designers. Of course, we’re talking about internal theoretical bandwidth, but the best we can do for now is relay what AGEIA has told us.