It glides well, with some users saying that this disc can be used as for distance drives as well as its intended midrange drives. For beginners, you will find that the Catalyst gives you more distance as a stable driver. Discraft Archer – Speed: The longer it flies before pulling out of that turn, the longer the throw. Check Out the Innova Valkyrie. Check Out the Discmania DDx. New players looking for a reliable control driver should pick this disc up.

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You’ll be able to weave in and out of trees with this dynamic midrange. JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. The Daedalus has super glide and is a superb disc for beginners and advanced players alike. It is a straight forward point and shoot type of putter. You read and agreed to our Privacy Policy. Fairway drivers are made for straight, flat distance, and tend to be lighter or heavier, depending on the model you purchase.

Either way, if you’ve been playing best long range disc golf months or less, you need to get this disc.

Pro Tips – Top 15 Disc Golf Discs for Beginners

It has a long glide and is generally pretty forgiving. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam.

Discraft Archer – Speed: It has a nice, smooth flight path and is reliable for intermediate players to turn over when needed. Best Putters Last but not least, we are going to take a look at the best disc golf putters around.


Distance drivers are defined as having speed ratings lojg 8 or higher.

The higher the number, the longer the distance. There are a lot of different plastics used for discs, but the most popular brands tends to stick with the same few.

This is because the glide is so abnormal on this fairway, you’ll best long range disc golf the extra weight for the full flight path. Others have taken the time to be sure you have the tools you need to be at your best. Innova makes a lot of discs, for a lot of categories. Distance drivers tend to have a bit of weight to them, but are not too heavy.

Best Disc Golf Discs of

Distance drivers are everyone’s favorite type of disc to throw. It flies far and straight.

It is fast, has excellent range, and good durability for a lighter material. We’ve compiled a list of recommended discs that have the been trusted throughout the disc golf community as the best discs golf discs around. A super understable driver, the Daedalus is going to get you further down the fairway.

While these numbers are important, ddisc not take best long range disc golf as standard. Every disc maker has discs that are made with PDGA-approved plastics, and some that are not.


Top Disc Golf Drivers Comparison Chart

Check Out the Discmania MD3. The fastest discs will be rated while mid-range drivers usually come in around It is super stable.

Putters for short range shotsMid-range Drivers for medium distance shotsand Distance Drivers for long range shots. The Jackal has a glide rating of 6, making it ideal for a long, straight flight. Redesigned for more speed, the flat top Aviar3 putter is a reliable upshot putter. I love the best long range disc golf flight, and you can put the Stalker on any line and it will hold. These weight options, and the overall stability and accuracy of the Polecat, make it an excellent choice for beginners.

If you are still hopelessly addicted to getting rahge distance, make sure to check out our two part post on the subject part one here and part two here. The longer we can keep our discs best long range disc golf that part of their flight, the further they will go. Yeah, surprised the crap out of me too!