An excellent page with detailed instructions for disassembling a grayscale QuickCam was found here , but apparently it is no longer available. To be more rigorous, two distinct software control the camera. Can you visualize the tilting and true shape of Mare Crisium and Grimaldi in the 3D image? Windows NT Notes The Windows NT driver for the Color QuickCam was not ready in time to be integrated into this installer. Windows NT Notes 6. ECP, the fastest mode.

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The difference in the moon’s apparent diameter is evident but there is an extra bonus, namely a marked latitude libration effect for instance, the crater Tycho in much far away from the southern lunar limb in the apogee image. I particularly like to produce time-lapse animations to see more of my work take a look at the time-lapse animations section of this page.

Mosaics are particularly rewarding. In my experience, the grayscale QuickCam will allow you to obtain astronomical images of quite good quality providing thet the object to be imaged is bright enough and seeing conditions are not terrible.

Windows is a trademark of Microsoft Corporation. The image series thus obtained is temporarily placed in a “ciber ” Film Roll that can store up to 36 exposures.

If you cannot get a picture, try plugging into the parallel port on the docking port instead of the parallel port on the Omnibook itself. The software that originally shipped with connnectix camera included QuickMovie for recording motion pictures and QuickPICT for capturing still images. For example, if you capture video at thousands of colors, make sure your video display adapter is set to display connfctix of colors.

Both are supplied with the QuickCam. The grayscale QuickCam produces 6-bits digitized images, that is with 64 gray-levels please check the Image Size and Quality menu since the software also allows for 16 gray-level images that are not adequate for astronomy. There is usually sufficient light to use short integration times, and it’s an adequate camera-telescope combination to obtain intermediate magnification images or to work with poor seeing conditions.


Connectix QuickCam visual communications

To get the best signal-to-noise ratio possible it is advantageous to average several original images, e. Keep up with the latest tech news, reviews and previews by subscribing to the Good Gear Guide newsletter. The less light there is, the longer the shutter will have to stay open to capture each frame, which results in lower frame rate.

The image may freeze or produce unexpected results.

It is strictly forbidden to use them namely for inclusion in other web pages without the written authorization of the author. Touch screen visibility and operation was great and easy to navigate. Webarchive template webcite links All articles with dead external links Articles with dead external links from July Articles with permanently dead external links.

Unfortunately, this camera is not refrigerated and only produces 6-bit digitized images 64 gray-levels. The two full-moon mosaics shown on the left image were obtained 6-months apart, first when the moon was near perigee and then when it was near apogee. The remaining quiclcam pins in each plug are not used. In addition, if mosaics quickcan a given day are repeated in different lunations its appearence will quuickcam be distinct, namely due to libration and variation of moon-earth distance.

If I had to choose the feature I mostly like in the software, from its practical importance for the production of astronomical images, I would have to choose two: How to Xonnectix Connectix Corporation If you find problems that occur after QuickCam is installed that did not occur prior to installation, we want quckcam hear from you. This means that we are working well below the desirable gray-levels, that is 8-bits images, that our visual system is able to discriminate in grayscale images.


The connection between original and extra cables is made through a pin male-female adaptor 2 in fig4. Select the camera you would like to use and click properties.

All Pentium class machines are capable of bi-directional communications; however, they are usually set up for the slowest mode. If you are using a Color QuickCam and there is enough light, you may get increased frame rates if you turn off the Low-Light Image Filter checkbox in the Camera Adjustments dialog.

The best we can do to improve the quality of such images is to “expand” by image processing, the brightest gray level of our image up to white. If you choose the middle or the lowest value for Sharpness, you will get higher frame rates than if you choose the highest Sharpness value. It is now considered one of the top gadgets of all time.

Connectix QuickCam VC Specs – CNET

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This is probably true in most home environments where illumination is provided by a single light source.