Even a most upscale TJ Full Music gold-pin substitution didn’t stretch the delta of difference. A smart way to choose may be to choose the combination with the least amount of expense involved. That’s music mastered from average to poor. This 32bit K DAC has been winning many award around the world. Our ears and brains work on the smallest increments of time and space; it’s miraculous how precise they are.

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The second major eye-opener was the tally which showed the solid-state output of the MiniDAC winning over the tube output. That difference should be audible and is. Here it becomes preferable to converters which offer digital attenuation exclusively.

Eastern Electric MiniMax DAC Plus | Steve Hoffman Music Forums

It’s a reminder that raw resolution is a double-edged sword. Raytheon brought its usual refinement, balance, pluss clarity, proving once again its well-deserved reputation. Some of this can be explained in the specs.

So I did just that. It, however, is less forgiving compared to LM regarding recording flaws. On dc, my initial plans wanted to mate the MiniMax with a system strategically cut down to its own size.

The two areas that most stood out to me were in the low bass which is meatier, more detailed with significantly better texture. Because its attenuator operates in the analog domain like most quality preamps, direct drive won’t incur resolution decimation at very low playback levels.

Eastern Electric MiniMax DAC Plus

While not as fast or high-bandwidth as many recent op-amps, OPA magically combines generous tonal richness with natural clarity, which is a tough feat for any op-amp. We are already working on it and should have it resolved by next week. A full review of it is coming soon, but in miniimax meantime, it outperforms the new Tube DAC Plus as well, mostly in terms of transparency, air and texture at the frequency extremes, but particularly the low bass.


Now, it MAY be possible to compose something like Electronica or a tune made entirely with samples in bit form, but that would take place entirely inside a computer.

Videos Enjoy the Music. If your only source minima a CD player or music server, that could be an issue, but since there was and is not a remote volume control, it’s probably moot. The bottom line is that the Eastern Electric Tube DAC Plus is a significant step up from its predecessor that was already an extreme value in the vast marketplace of digital to analog converters.

Discrete Op-Amp Rolling Burson Discrete Op-amp If one thought OPA was expensive, Burson discrete op-amps are an order of magnitude more expensive, not to mention the massive size compared to minimad ordinary op-amps. This netted a wish list for an affordable high-performance DAC as a component category that’s wildly popular for obvious reasons.

I very quickly started to feel puls by the music whereas before it was far more 2 dimensional. While there are similarities in sound between OPA and OPA, they do sound different enough as not to be interchangeable.

Eastern Electric Minimax DAC V5 Supreme Sound Opamp Mod

I have played a wide variety of vac, different sources, different bit rates…. Thwack on the drum comes across with more tensioned bounce and purpose while any blur or boominess are history.


The good thing is that it does give you a choice. Does this mean Bursons are rolled-off, smoothed-over, or less detailed? An unusual highlight feature is the analog attenuator which allows non-lossy direct drive at all volumes.

There were several outcomes that surprised the panel of judges, the first being just how good digital playback in general sounded.

One reason for the purchase was the ability to roll op-amps via the factory-installed op-amp sockets, which I knew would make a big difference from my past op-amp rolling experience. Once I cued up standard Redbook albums again, Amarra reinserted itself just as automatically.

While the raw Sabre chip operates with dB of dynamic range, the MiniMax only realizes 95dB with its transistor outputs, a mere 90dB through the tube. Srajan Ebaen Financial Interests: Personal preference and system synergy will dictate one’s ultimate preference here, and I suspect systems with more tubes in the signal path will synergize better with DEXA.

For those listeners who particularly with recorded material not of ECM or m. If you have even a recent music server such as a Squeezebox or Olive, you may find a significant improvement here.