Sat Feb 24, 7: For details on installation, configuration and usage see the separate PowerTOP article. As power saving most of the time comes along with performance loss or increased latency, it should only be enabled when running on batteries. This one informs you about events like switching from AC to battery or closing the lid. It supports setting the CPU frequency governor, minimum frequency and maximum frequency. The cpufreqd application allows the user to manage CPU frequencies in a more granular approach than what laptop-mode-tools supports. As this guide has become rather long, here’s a short overview helping you to find your way through it.

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Disabling cups in battery mode. I used to use cpufrequtils, but now I just pick ondemand as the default governor in my kernel config, and have been perfectly happy. It supports setting the CPU frequency governor, minimum frequency and maximum frequency.

However, having to run certain commands as root depending on the system usage is not efficient for most users. The default configuration offers a sample rule: The main disadvantage is obviously the loss of performance. This article has some todo items: View unanswered posts View posts from last 24 hours.


On the one hand less energy is consumed, on the other hand there is thermal improvement as your system doesn’t get as hot as running on full speed. Here is a list of processors cpufeq are supported by cpufreq kernel 2. If you have access to the dimming settings via a tool, write a small script that dims the backlight in battery mode and place it in your battery runlevel. The support for CPU frequency management in the laptop mode tools allows switching frequencies.

Copyright Gentoo Foundation, Inc. Sun Dec 14, You can safely skip this section if you don’t like the idea of having another runlevel.

Power Management Guide

Build and install the new kernel if necessary and reboot. Kernel configuration for the various suspend types. Section “ServerLayout” Identifier [ Each can be configured seperately. This document describes the setup of power management features for laptops. But not only that, but the CPU frequency scaling can be tweaked based on various other metrics available.

Gentoo Forums :: View topic – Great, so cpufrequtils is gone?

Check your BIOS settings. Try to claim your warranty. The next sections assume a runlevel battery exists. This is the main configuration file for the package and is pretty well described through comments.


Better let your system set the appropriate frequency automatically. There are two problems with USB devices regarding energy consumption: Minimum kernel setup for Power Management Kernel 2.

To make sure settings do not collide, it is not allowed to have overlapping settings. If the “last full capacity” differs significantly from the design capacity, your battery is genttoo broken. With that said, is cpupower a drop-in replacement? When switching between AC or battery, or no laptop mode, the appropriate governor as well as its minimum and maximum frequency is selected.

Power management/Processor – Gentoo Wiki

Setting it to small values might wear out your drive and lose warranty. Here’s what I found: I don’t get it. The cpufreqd application monitors the status of the system through several plugins.