Welcome to Splunk Answers! Evaluate the returned value from the getCause method on the Exception to determine the appropriate recovery action. The deployment descriptors for EJB and Web applications ejb-jar. The WLS transaction manager: The password is encrypted when it is passed to MXCS. Lists this document’s subjects alphabetically. HP Real User Monitor.

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HP Intelligent Management Center v7. Page 42 indicates a detailed tracing message for which internal Type 4 driver methods provide messages. Page formatting, including the syntax of messages, the terminal-to-computer dialogue, character sets, sequencing of messages, and so on.

Guidelines for Statement Pooling Controlling the Performance of ResultSet Processing Troubleshooting Statement Pooling Guidelines for Statement Pooling Enable statement pooling by setting the DataSource object maxstatements property to an integer value greater than ndbc and, also, by enabling connection pooling. The software More information. Report the entire message to your service provider.

When the maximum number of physical connections is reached, the Type 4 driver throws anSQLException and sends the message, Maximum pool size is reached. The Java HotSpot virtual machine is a run-time environment that features an adaptive compiler that dynamically optimizesthe performance of running applications. ForName method within the application Adding the Type 4 driver class to the jdbc.

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If the url default is not specified and DriverManager.

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Seeding random number generator class java. The address prefix was incorrect or missing. For more information, see the translationVerification Property. The number of seconds that a physical connection should remain unused in the pool before the connection is closed.

Java -enabled platforms that support JDK.

Partitioned LOB tables must be manually created. A Clob or Blob object is identified by a data locator. Page 55 where the properties file should include the following Type 4 driver hl, as applicable: The information contained herein is subject to change without notice.

For the detailed description,click the link provided in the property name. The transaction isolation level and access mode at execution time is different from that at the compile time.

However, there are a few things that need to be done in order to move the application to the JBoss Application Server. This total nlnstop both free objects and objects in use. An application can make multiple connections to MXCS using different user IDs, and creating different connection objects. The default is 0. Tocontrol the transaction, set the connection to autocommit OFF mode. Java HotSpot virtual machineThe Java virtual machine implementation designed to produce maximum program-execution speed for applications running in a serverenvironment.

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The method call does not succeed. Nothing herein should be construed as constituting an additional warranty. No part of this.

JDBC drivers for Tandem HP NonStop

One of the files in this archive, named dukesDB. All other trademarks mentioned herein are trademarks of their respective owners. TMF Application Programmer’s Guide Explains how to design requester and server modules for execution in the TMF programming environment and describes system procedures that are helpful in examining the content of TMF audit trails. Warranty The material contained in this document is nonxtop “as is,” and nonsto; subject to being changed, More information.

September RUM for Citrix.