Visit our network of sites: It comes with quite a bit of additional software. Navigation menu Personal tools Log in. It is a little hard to tell from the picture, but of all the features on my ThinkPad, this is the one I like the best. It works well and finds it right away when I turn it on.

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It uses a SoundMax chip. Good Ultdanav — I wanted good performance. They have all been upgraded to Windows 7 and they all have this ridiculous touchpad driver problem.

Plus either version would be good for travelling and you get that ThinkPad experience on any computer you want laptop or otherwise. I posted here in desperation.

IBM ThinkPad T42 Review (pics, specs)

I have recommended them to a few people I know and have heard nothing but good things about them. Please help, if you are able. Not that I use those all that much, but they would have been nice on such an expensive laptop. Rescue and Recovery – Master boot record repair kit IBM sourced their keyboards from another company for a long time, and that company not only still exists, but still sells the keyboard you’re using though for much more.

I have the modular battery and like to keep it the bay, so an external seemed ultdanav a good choice. It’s also hard to pin-point the “ThinkPad keyboard feel” since NMB isn’t contracted to make the latest ThinkPad keyboards bim, and every ThinkPad you use will feel slightly different. Screen — It had to be a high resolution screen. I select “No” and the Mouse Properties dialogue ulgranav opens, sans any indication of UltraNav or any functionality beyond the basic functions provided in Windows.


Each key seems 4t2 of one another and there is no flex. They can easily be replaced with the proper tools. The keyboard does not have many extra buttons, only volume controls, mute and the Access IBM button.

Above and Below view of the T42 view larger image. Either way they would both benefit from using a higher sensitive setting than my normal mouse. For whatever reason there are conflicting prototype stock images of the SK Much to my delight, there were no dead pixels. This should link to drivers for all the hardware.

I like it better than my desktop keyboard. I have only had to use support a few times since owning my ThinkPads.

It has high quality plastic on the inside. The technology for this combined pointing device comes from Synaptics. These ultranv were extracted from the last release CD-ROM that Lenovo included on their final run before discontinuing it. Sometimes it is a little imprecise. Anyone looking for a well constructed and versatile notebook, imb user or otherwise, would do well to consider it. I like the stick on my T42 better than the old ones.


Lenovo IBM and Toshiba are pretty good about keeping drivers up to date for the latest Windows for older hardware. It would be nice if there was chat or an email offered as support. After looking at many models and prices, I decided that ebay was the best place to buy. One of the few things concerns I had about buying on the internet and not from IBM with there 30 day return policy, was having a dead pixel or two which IBM would not fix cause there not enough dead ones.

IBM ThinkPad T42 Review (pics, specs)

The SK on the left shows a power button, the one on the right does not. But the Synaptics touchpad and the TrackPoint are capable of considerably more functionality. I have also heard those issues have been solved with the newer T43s.