Doesn’t the second port say “network”? Why wouldn’t you go the route of using the old OMS emulator extension? That’s some pretty important information, but I’m going to make a suggestion based on what I’ve got at this moment. Store by Solid Cactus. I’ll test some more and just get a Studio 5 if it’s stable now. I’ll take a look over your post again once I’ve got the Keyspan. I see the extensions were posted so I hope that’s all I need to get it working.

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If I can work out the bug that’s making me crash, that would probably be my permanent setup. I need that freakin’ Unisyn manual!

20 Most Recent Keyspan SX Pro (SX-PRO4) Serial Adapter Questions & Answers – Fixya

Posted on Sep 27, Be the first to answer. Keeps saying “Error code “. Maybe FreeMidi doesn’t like my Unitor 8 or something I receive a new drive and it has the problem of not accepting the CD into the slot. You can always go in and set up virtual controllers and instruments to bifurcate data if necessary.

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Weighs Only 8 lbs.

Syntho, I’m aware of how things are supposed to work, as you describe. Logged supernova Guest Re: Doesn’t Opcode make a serial interface with 16 midi ports? The other way is to use OMS i.

Keyspan SX Pro Serial Card

What Mac and what OS are you using? Get one of those cards, they’re good. The first two ports can emulate the printer and modemin that order.

What kind of iPod do I have? Answered 8 hours ago. It says it found the driver but it’s the wrong version. Syntho on July 17, It will be great to meyspan both Unisyn and Sounddiver simultaneously Don’t bother linking them I don’t have the printer or modem ports running just yet.


The Studio 5 dual serial configuration isn’t like two networked MTPs really. I’m using 20 year old cables, very long.

I don’t know if the OMS emulator extension you mentioned is kespan use that way or so. Can anyone verify on any computer midi data coming into anything but the sum input in Sxpdo 5 or 6’s physical input object in the environment? I don’t sxpri anything different between my Opcode and Motu interfaces and my SXpro. My Midi Express XT has two serial ports so maybe I can use another serial cable to network the two instead of using two of the Keyspan’s ports. But it really is only significant if you are inputting multiple hardware device data Maybe it’s to just address two different computers or maybe it’s a ‘thru’ port or something.

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You need a Male to Male serial cable with that same expro for this to work. I just ordered some brand new ones and the description says it’s for connecting just any ol’ Mac serial device to your Mac. What’s the current issue? Why do you need Freemidi other than to launch Unisyn? Please report to Emagic how you did this!