It really bothers me Will did you tried this link already: I was having kernel freezes playing Shadow Warrior. Second, if the first one doesn’t work, try to make the controller emulate an xbox controller by using xboxdrv. You are commenting using your Twitter account. Good luck and sorry for the late reply.

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It really bothers me You can keep doing lsusb over and over until you finally see the controller has been connected. Or are you too “pc master race” to go near one? You are commenting using your Twitter account. Unfortunatelly it doesn’t work with Logitech’s Unifying technology and every gamepad needs it’s own receiver.

I expect the game with “Full controller support” badge to support it. Does anybody have a solution to my problem or an alternative software that is build for Ubuntu Play on your TV.

F Gamepad – Logitech

I didn’t find that article yet, but I’ll try and see if it works. Games that you must play with a controller How do I get Fedora 21 to use my Nvidia Card? If the controller isn’t being recognized then all you have to do is enter the following into a terminal. Mine is not lit. I also need this controller to emulate mouse movements.


Slow internet connection on Fedora Yasmeen on jaxb2-maven-plugin 2. Bring your entire library of Ff310 games to the living room, grab your F, sit back, and enjoy. Let me clarify, it did work, but not with the games.

Bus Device I’m pretty hyped that two out of those three franchises are making the jump!

All keys works by default on steam. So after more investigation I’ve discovered that kernel-modules-extra does indeed have the correct modules for the F, however, another package is needed to put the proper support into place.

Standard Android TV controls – provided through the Logitech Logo button on the gamepad together with the Back key on the controller – allow you to navigate your Android TV seamlessly. Related questions Huawei e not working os-prober doesn’t seem to find windows 7. I recently purchased this same gamepad and it worked as soon as I plugged it in.

I think your best bet would be to try and configure the controller with either qjoypad or xboxdrv. Mason Hyatt March linnux, at 3: I’m a total noob at ubuntu and am having the same issue except when i run lsusb in a terminal it doesnt even detect the game pad at all, just my mouse and keyboard.

Recent Drivers  NX330 DRIVER

Parsing data from the Logitech F310 gamepad On Linux

Play hits and classics. Lgoitech essentially the same, with the F having a rumble pack haven’t had that working yet anyway. Orkultus 18 May at See more information here.

Logitech do directly advertise Steam Big Picture on their official product page, so it sounds like it was designed with it in mind. The Control layout is a bit crap, but bearable. Upgrade with fedup from 20 to 21 fails to boot.

I quite enjoy the F, and have recently been using its sibling, the F wireless controller. The general build quality does seem great, and it feels quite strong.