Find all posts by brutalbrutus. Innova Firebird – GStar. I’ve been using a Predator for an overstable driver. Send a private message to brutalbrutus. Send a private message to Pbmercil. Even when thrown with a good amout of OAT they will not turn over from a hyzer release.

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The Innova DX Roc is an overstable mid range disc and is the best, …. Innova Banshee – DX. Innova Roc3 – Star Bottom Stamp.

In the last few years we have seen some great OS distance discs released, and I have love some of them. The Innova DX Roc3 is an overstable mid range driver. Players overshable the hard to get Flat Top versions because it makes the disc slightly less stable but increases the mosr of th….

The Innova Champion Rhyno is an overstable putt and approach disc that can handle headwinds. Innova Colossus – Champion Dyed.

This disc golf putter is a must …. The Innova Champion Shark3 is an overstable mid range driver that is faster and sleeker than the original Shark. If you want it to go straight for a little while, dont know if a Flick would overstabld or maybe even a Spirit. Even in windy conditions, the Gator delivers pin-point accuracy for shorter drives and approach shots.

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The Innova Champion King Cobra is a predictable overstable mid range driver. Advanced players and sidea….

The Most Overstable Distance Drivers (2017)

Innova Destroyer – DX. Ratings go from 0 to 5 with 0 meaning almost no fade. The Roc3 holds a line in a variety of wind conditions and ha…. We’ve been in the business since and throwing even longer.

Innova Cobra, King – Champion. Players have asked for a forehand-specific appoach disc and the Rat is now here. I need to know what the most overstable midrange is. Sometimes you can get one that has a really hard fade, while other times you can get one that has more of a straight flight path, though generally speaking, it will require some mosst to reach maximum distance.

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Disc Golf Review Archive. According to Prime’s site here are the massively overstable mids http: Innova RocX3 – Star. Send a private message to Technohic. If the total is -1 to – 5, moet understable with – 1 being just slightly understable and -5 being very understable. They gave the legendary Roc a low profile and hefty rim to create ex….

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Many players have switched to the Cro for accurate, predictably stable drives and approa….

Innova Overstable Discs

The Hydra is beginner friendly, made with a grippy, durable plastic that …. Innova Gator – DX.

There are limited quantities on hand and will not be reproduced when gone. The Innova DX Roc is an overstable mid range disc and is the best, most versatile mid range Innova makes.

However, the X1 went out of production very soon after it was released and can be very hard to find. Innova Roc3 – Champion.