After meeting the Muzuno rep and having him set me up, I found the right driver! What sold me on the JPX EZ was increased swing speed of 3 mph which brought me up to 82 mph, improved ball strike speed, but the real deal sealer was the reduced spin rate and increased distance. As you would expect, there is also a greater hosel offset on the EZ than the EZ Forged, but compared to other high handicap irons it is actually relatively small and that helps the looks of the EZ at address. Did a driver fitting a few days ago and the fitter said that the Orochi C8 stiff 60g shaft was wrong for me – and my arms were in wrong position therefore short drives. It gives be a better option for that yard shot we all end up with a few times a round.

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The ball also ran out. Had the Mizuno driver didn’t seem to get distance with it. I hate when the sound kills your ears but this is pleasant. It was almost like hitting a hybrid with the 4 and 5 iron.

I’ve watched people hit just about every iron in their bag the same distance. The club responded to loft and weight adjustments. I even could move the little weight back neutral.

Have much more confidence in my drives. Now my drives are back in business. That doesn’t mean they feel bad, they just have a ex more hollow feeling than Mizuno’s forged irons.


Mizuno JPX EZ 2016 Driver Review

In the JPX EZ, Mizuno has created a deep undercut cavity that is thinner on the sole to enable the review mizuno jpx ez to flex a little more muzuno impact. As you would expect, there is also a greater hosel offset on the EZ than the EZ Forged, but compared to other high handicap irons it is actually relatively small and that helps the looks of the EZ at address.

The progressive cavity backs really made distance control club to club a breeze and made hitting the long irons even easier. This seems a lot clearer than before and review mizuno jpx ez a good array of options. It had around rpm less spin for me with a higher launch, which is to be expected from that deeper head.

Had a fitting experience on the range. But at some point the driver started to review mizuno jpx ez erratic and I got confused. Most people associate Mizuno with performance irons for better players. I have an 8. Even with what some call “jacked” lofts, these still hit higher than my other irons of the same number.

The EZ head is not only 10cc larger at the full cc volume, but it is also deeper and shallower than the previous Review mizuno jpx ez driver. This girl is in the bag for a long time! It seriously gives you so much confidence when ezz the ball.

Even the greatest of athletes from other revidw have struggled to play the game of golf, what chance do us weekend warrior have? I have the Revkew chart below review mizuno jpx ez explains the longer distance. The driver performed well.


Mizuno JPX-EZ Irons Review: Iron Review for Best Irons

After a few lessons this year I’ve come back to it and I’m really impressed. It is a fairly good looking head. Have never played hybrids before review mizuno jpx ez these are ridiculously straight with height and distance.

The suggested shaft Kurokage silver series dual core was brilliant. It doesn’t look like a high handicap set. Light easy jlx swing and very forgiving and they look fantastic beautiful looking clubs.

The sole also feature some cambering on the leading and trailing edges to help keep the review mizuno jpx ez soles moving through the turf at impact.

It is a good shaft and maybe a little on the firm side, but there are many custom options mizno if you prefer something else. Like the old Jppx, the model also has an adjustable hosel that is now numbered with 5 lofts from 8.

With the forged version my spin rate was around which cost me distance and rollout.

I tried many game improving irons played a few rounds with my old fat shafts then decided to treat myself to some new clubs.