Unit installation of the RigExpert Tiny was simple as plugging in the cables which were all clearly identified. Activate the Port Settings tab, then click Advanced. I could not be happier. The following tasks are easily accomplished by using this analyzer: I purchased this unit to see what all the talk of the new Digital modes was all about. He is a very long suffering fellow.

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As I figexpert, I could not be happier both with the product and with the support received from Yuri. Pease specify your radio model when ordering and we will wire it for you at no extra charge. The simultaneous use of two separate programs is an important asset to you as seen in the illustration to the right.

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Easy-to use measurement modes, as well as additional features such as memory storage and connection to a personal computer, make the AAPRO attractive for professionals and hobbyists.

Needless to say, all cables are fully shielded.

From that point on it was smooth sailing and the RigExpert Tiny works very well. The LEDs light-emitting diodes on the top cover let you know what is going on at any time, helping to set up the software and to make sure everything is working properly.


I am using a IC and dipole at 40 Ft. MixW will then just tiby via the CW jack and your will automatically switch to transmit.

Only with AntScope software on the PC. There are few settings that have to be done or verified in the software once the MixW RigExpert Tiny device is plugged in see Interface models and the drivers are installed. All of this is rigexpett needed anymore. Rigexperh reluctance I opted for the latter, but have greatly missed the ability to control my rig from the computer, especially when contesting. I made my first psk contact within a hr of getting it.

New to Ham Radio?

If you have just a little giny competency and are willing to manually fiddle with the settings what doesn’t require that these days? Blinks when transceiver replies a CAT command. RTTY was great — had it working in a few minutes. Its just so stupid easy The computer to transceiver cable length is 2. It stopped working after digital contacts.

It does all of this through the USB port on my laptop leaving the laptop serial port free for other use. Serial ports on laptops are rigwxpert getting rarer.


Now browse for the drivers directory. I would suggest you do some research on the setup of the Software and join the Yahoo Message Forums for the MixW software, There is alot of expertice already out there and can make the setup alot easier for rigrxpert. Click Next when you see “The wizard found a driver for the following device: The transceiver and computer connections are made using pre-wired cables for your specific rig.

The FSK baudrate and polarity are fixed and may be reconfigured by jumpers.

RigExpert Tiny Product Reviews

Developed by the MixW team, the RigExpert Tiny is a revolutionary new sound card to transceiver interface. He is a very long suffering fellow. I purchased this unit to see what rigexperg the talk of the new Digital modes was all about. I connected it up yesterday and it worked great once I got through manually installing the drivers. Operation with external power supply without battery. Fair product for its price.

The optical rigexpetr are widely available in HI-FI stores.